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Asleep at the Wheel
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Asleep at the Wheel Asleep at the Wheel Asleep at the Wheel

Asleep at the Wheel
The Mansion Theatre
189 Expressway Lane

The Very Best of Asleep at the Wheel, the very first album to round up every single one of the legendary Western swing band's most requested songs after thirty-six years of rolling on the road. "It's not ballad heavy," states the 6'7" bandleader and guitar slinger with a deep laugh. "We're a dance band. That's what we're about. And that's plenty."

"This is improvisational music, which I think is the whole ball of wax, because that's where the rubber really meets the road - and it's why we play it," says Benson. "I think it's interesting to listen to updated versions of what people do, hearing how they have evolved. People change, and I love to have the luxury of having a career this long to do it. Part of the impetus was touring with Bob Dylan a couple of years ago. Every night, Dylan would do those songs a little differently, and it made it very exciting to see where they were going to go each night."

Their importance in today’s music cannot be understated as they have continued to carry the torch of western swing and pack venues across the globe.

"...flawless musicianship and brilliant arrangements..." - The News & Observer

"...pure musical joy..." - CMT

"The set is so authentic that one almost feels guilty listening to it on modern speakers instead of seated around the old Victrola." - Billboard

"This is string-heavy, boot-tapping stuff, music that was once a fixture of dance halls in Tulsa, Fort Worth, and elsewhere. No, western swing certainly ain’t dead, as Asleep at the Wheel likes to remind us. In fact, it sounds as lively as ever." - Garden and Gun

"Superb vocals and excellent instrumental backing." - Roughstock


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