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Princess Diana Exhibition
Branson Exposition
3950 Green Mountain Drive

Princess Diana Exhibition

Princess Diana - The People's Princess is an exhibition of the life of a royal icon, professionally displayed in a stunning 26,000-sq.ft. setting. The exhibition features a broad array of artifacts, historic collectibles, and moving images from signature periods throughout her life.

Beginning in the exhibition centers 300-seat theater, attendees are given a dramatic introduction to the rest of the exhibition with a 15-minute video which helps tell her story in her own words and actions.

The rest of the self-guided tour takes guests through a series of themed rooms, each dedicated to a different time in Princess Dianas life, showcasing personal objects and historic mementos throughout the exhibit.

Featured areas include:

Dianas Childhood home
The Royal Engagement and Wedding
Diana, The Princess of Wales
Dianas Favorite Role: As Mum to William and Harry
The Princess of Style
Humanitarian Projects and Building a Legacy

One of the main highlights of the exhibition is the display of Princess Dianas actual gowns from various times of her lifegiving visitors an intimate, up-close look at her own distinct sense of style. Some of the collection highlights include:

*A long, black velvet evening gown Diana wore in her official portrait, painted by Lord Snowden. She also wore it to the first night gala premier performance of Les Miserable (1985).
*The Pink India dress made famous by Dianas State Tour of India in 1992, in which she met Mother Teresa. Created by one of Dianas favorite designers, Catherine Walker, this elegant long gown was embroidered in the Mughal fashion, and features a rich tapestry of flowers, sequins and gold accents, giving the appearance of encrusted jewels.
*A simple, off-one-shoulder, columned nautical-themed dress was worn by Diana to private functions aboard the ship. Made with elegant navy blue silk crpe, this dress is trimmed regally with three gold braids at the asymmetrical neckline and at the cuffs. (1990)
And many more!

In addition to the collection of priceless dresses, the exhibition also features a broad array of more than 1,200 artifacts and historic objects spanning her entire life in one of the worlds largest collections of Diana-related items, including an actual slice of Diana and Charles wedding cake. This rare item is preserved in a special presentation cake box, and was personally signed by Dianas brother, Charles Spencer. This 29-year-old slice of history features a single serving of fruitcake, made with raisins, sultanas and topped with a marzipan icing.

Behind-the-scenes details of what it takes to put on a royal wedding, including the authentic wedding breakfast program, which lists the menu and table plan for 112 invited guests at Buckingham Palace Personal notes by Diana given to close confidants An official High-court copy of Dianas will, with the official embossed seal on each page. Fanciful genuine articles of Dianas clothes, including sport socks and a sarong worn by Diana at the K Club in Barbuda Fascinating objects reflecting the diversity of Dianas many international trips and official state dinner
And much, much more!


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